°Second Path°

the destination is the destination

but the road becomes the destination

until you find yourself
and where you’re going


for a while
you must find the road
and then you find the way

if where you’re going is worth it
you’ll make tough choices

and it’s worth all the discomfort
of indecisions
until you finally decide

more than once
there’ll be doubts

and there’ll be erratic algorithms too

but the road is the destination
and the road leads to the way
and the destination is the destination


there are sudden bends
and abrupt changes in perspectives

your consciousness switches its style up
as what you see becomes elevated

and you should have found yourself by now
for this ought to come before you pack up to leave
it saves you a lot of wasted time
but the path is sometimes the identity

the destination is the destination;
the destination becomes a road
and the road becomes a way
until you find the path
or find yourself

go where you go


[Dedicated to Bryan the Mensah, inspired by his interview on Harmattan Rain. Written 17-08-2017; 0923hrs.]